Dahi Shakkar Lyrics

Dahi Shakkar Lyrics – Srushti Tawade

The song "Dahi Shakkar Lyrics" is a contemporary pop track by the Indian artist Srushti Tawade. The song features Srushti's own lyrics and is composed by Saurabh Lokhande in collaboration with Srushti herself. The track is a sweet and uplifting number that celebrates the joys of love and the sweetness of life. The music is peppy and catchy, with a mix of electronic and acoustic elements. The backing vocals by Priyanshi Srivastava add a layer of harmony to the track. The song is mixed and mastered by Hanish Taneja, and the artwork is created by Adi Murthi and Ashish Diyali.
Kya Loge Tum Lyrics

Kya Loge Tum Lyrics – B Praak | Akshay Kumar

Kya Loge Tum Lyrics by B Praak, with its heartrending lyrics penned by Jaani, is a testament to the power of music in evoking deep emotions. The mesmerizing composition by B Praak, coupled with the captivating performances by Akshay Kumar and Amyra Dastur, creates an unforgettable experience for the listeners.