No Sleep Lyrics in English – NBA YoungBoy

No Sleep Lyrics in English by NBA YoungBoy – No Sleep is the Brand new English Song featuring NBA YoungBoy. NBA YoungBoy has sung this Latest English Song 2022, while No Sleep Song Lyrics are penned by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Supah Mario, with Music produced by Supah Mario, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 24th of December 2022.

No Sleep Lyrics Song Credits :-

Song: No Sleep
Singer: NBA YoungBoy
Lyrics: YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Supah Mario
Music: Supah Mario
Music Label: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Featuring: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release Date: 24th December 2022

No Sleep Lyrics
No Sleep Lyrics

No Sleep Lyrics in English

Where We Goin’?
Where We Goin’? N!gga
(What’s Good Mario?)
I Don’t Even Feel The Same No More
Like, I Don’t Even Feel Big
I Don’t Even Feel Like Nobody To Be Honest (No)
I Don’t Know Who The F*ck I Am Or What I’m Doin’

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Highschool, Knew The Kids, They Know I Was Wearin’
The Same Uniform Back To Back
Grandma Left Me As A Kid, Time To Man Up,
She Ain’t Never Comin’ Back
On The Road Doin’ Shows, The Murder Came,
It Was History After That
My Sister Sayin’, “Leave Me ‘lone,”
I’m In Her Room Tryna Make Her Listen To Me Rap

No Clues, Young Fool, Sittin’ In Front The T.V.
See My Daddy On The News
Thirteen Years Old Shootin’ Dice With Unc’,
Taught Me For To Win, Never Want To Lose
Young As Hell, Feelin’ Like I’m Goin’ Under,
Sat In Juvenile, Never Left My Room
Me And Ddawg, We Gon’ Run Through That North,
He Be Strapped With A Glock

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And, I Know What He Do
Never Care What They Thought,
Had To Run When That Burner Let Off
Before I Made Seventeen, Been In Plenty Shootouts
Mama Said Not To Leave The House
Fallin’ In Love, That Was My Biggest Mistake
And I Wish That It Never Came ’round
I’m Movin’ State To State,
Go On The Stage, The Crowd Rock Out
And They Screamin’ Loud, I’m Sayin’ In My Head

No Sleep, Thank You For Seein’ Me
So Much It Mean, I Can Live This Dream
Prayed All Night, I Fiend
For My Whole Life, I Sing

Cold Killers, D*ug Dealers
People Schemin’
He Done Mu*dered His Own Brother, I Done Seen It
He Stealin’ From His Own Father,
Man, That N!gga Ain’t Got No Soul
That Girl Ain’t Close To Loyal,
She F*ck N!ggas That Want Me Gone

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No Sleep, Thank You For Seein’ Me
So Much It Mean, I Can Live This Dream
Prayed All Night, I Fiend
For My Whole Life, I Sing


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